In Cerealto we believe innovation means differentitation


At Cerealto, we always strive to offer our clients value-added solutions and differentiated proposal based on the principles of innovation, efficiency and a sound understanding of our markets and consumers.

To this end, we are channelling our innovation efforts into meeting the demand for healthy products from consumers concerned about a healthy lifestyle. Equally we are seeking to meet the nutritional needs of different groups and create products that conform to the highest standards of quality and safety, with a clean label for the consumer.

Groups with Specific Dietary Needs

At Cerealto, we also strive to offer solutions to those groups with specific dietary needs, such as those with coeliac disease, diabetes or high blood preasure. This is why we have set ourselves the objective of having at least 10% of new developments tailored to this market.

Benchmarks in the Development of Gluten-Free Products

Our social commitment to increase the range of products for groups with specific dietary needs has meant investing heavily in the search for suitable alternartive products and the technologies that will give this product line a competitive advantage.

At Cerealto, we have wide experience of both developing and manufacturing gluten-free products, using state-of-the art equipment that meets the highest safety standards.

Cerealto has an innovation model that operates in three levels:

We also have the following organisational structure:

  • Strategic Committee for Innovation. Responsible for planning and approving the comapny’s Innovation strategy, and monitoring the outcome of Innovation projects.
  • R&D Board. Focuses on the standardisation of processes and documentation and on monitoring the progress of projects.

At Cerealto, each Innovation project has teams assigned to it that includes: Business Development Managers (BDMs), Category Development Managers (CDMs), New Product Developers (NPDs) and Project Managers (PMs).

This gives us a perspective on the market, the consumer and the product as well as R&D; it also puts us in a position to offer products with added value and exceed the expectations of our clients.

In addition, we maintain a strategic relationship with the I+dea research and development centre – a pioneer in the global food industry. We work with I+dea to develop knowledge and generate solutions for our clients. These may relate to the creation of new products or to the implementation of improvements (for which consumer approval is always tested through panels or focus groups). Or they can extend to giving advice on how to save costs or resolve problems in the manufacturing process, and even on the legislation involved in bringing products to new markets.

Innovation in numbers

Investment in R&D


175 new product launches

28 product improvements in the past year

Development of more than





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